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Before you start this application make sure you have read through all of the application criteria on the PDF Guide. That way you will be prepared with all the necessary information this online form will ask for. You can save and resume this form, meaning you can start the form and then come back later to complete it. The "save and resume" button is at the bottom.

Explanation of Eligibility Criteria

  1. Education Providers - Your organisation has conducted a PPG Webinar or presented at a PPG hosted or approved event
  2. Corporate Partners - Your organisation is a PPGBI Corporate Partner
  3. You or your organization is a PPG Full, Associate or Provisional  Member

Education Provider Application Form
Educational organizations that are current PPG members, educational providers, or corporate partners are eligible to apply for the inclusion of their educational facility in the PPG Scholarship Program.
  • Education Provider

  • Please upload your company logo so it can be included in any correspondence with the candidates
    PDF, png or jpg only
  • Select which one applies
  • Program Details

  • Please indicate yes or no
    If this only applies to a particular program please make a note of this when you upload additional documentation regarding the programs
  • in months please
  • PDF, doc and docx documents only
  • Program Assesment

  • PDF, doc and docx files only
  • Program Price

  • $ .
  • This means that you are subsidizing the cost of the program and will therefore invoice PPG for the second program at a reduced rate
  • Please consult the Scholarship Guide for full sponsorshp information
  • If you have any questions or feel you would like an exemption in the payment terms for the program (see the guide for details) please provide an email address here so we can contact you. Or please email Niki@petprofessionalguild.com
  • Please sign here to confirm your application is accurate and true and in line with the full Education Scholarship Program
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