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The Pet Professional Guild British Isles Special Council Experts

The following industry experts have made themselves available as Special Council to the Pet Professional Guild British Isles Steering Committee. We thank them for taking time out of their busy schedules to assist us in their areas of expertise. Their ongoing support is very much appreciated. 


Victoria Stilwell

Victoria Stilwell is a dog trainer and behaviour expert best known as the host of the international hit TV series "It's Me or the Dog" through which she promotes the power, effectiveness and safety of force-free, positive dog training. A best-selling author of three books, "Train Your Dog Positively", "Fat Dog Slim" and "It’s Me or the Dog: How to Have the Perfect Pet", Stilwell is Editor-in-Chief of Positively.com, President of the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behavior, and the CEO of Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training (VSPDT) – the premier network of world-class positive reinforcement dog trainers.

The recipient of multiple awards and a regular contributor to print, radio, digital and TV media as a dog behaviour expert, Stilwell is committed to helping the cause of animal rescue and rehablitation and is heavily involved with organisations around the world to increase awareness of puppy mills, dogfighting, animal abuse, pet overpopulation, dog bite prevention and other animal-related causes.  Stilwell is a National Amabassador for the American Humane Association and serves on the Advisory Boards of RedRover, DogTV, Dognition, The Grey Muzzle Organization and Canine Assistants.  For more information about Victoria Stilwell and Positive training visit: positively.com

Helen Phillips

Helen Phillips is the owner of the 'Clicker Gundog' Training Centre. She is a qualified teacher and an Instructor for The Gundog Club. She has been shooting and working dogs in the field for over thirty years and has been breeding Hungarian Vizslas since 1998 and therefore has extensive understanding of living with and working with hunting dogs.  Helen teaches a Canine Training & Behaviour Course at Warwickshire College and is an active assessor for the Learning About Dogs Clicker Trainers Competency Assessment Programme.  She trained with Kay Laurence for many years and taught Clicker Training workshops at Wagmore Barn in Gloucestershire. She teaches a variety of Clicker Training and Gundog courses around the world as well as at her own training centre in the UK.

Helen Phillips is the Author of the popular ‘Clicker Gundog’ Training Book. Gundogs have inherited specialised skills that have been honed over hundreds of generations. Helen takes this natural skill, enhances it and uses it to enrich a working partnership that is a joy to experience. With Clicker Gundog the focus is on learning how to develop a partnership using reinforcement strategies and how to use careful planning so that you build a high level of control that exceeds the stimuli of the hunt and shoot. Helen has developed a range of workshops and seminars to help teach these skills to both the handler and the dog. For more information contact helen@clickergundog.co.uk. Clicker Gundog Training, Ryden Lane, Charlton WR10 3LH.  www.facebook.com/clickergundog

Paul McGreevy

Paul McGreevy BVSc, PhD is a veterinarian and ethologist. He is Professor of Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare Science at the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Veterinary Science. The author of over 170 peer-reviewed scientific publications and six books, Paul has received numerous Australian and international awards for his research and teaching innovations. He is a co-founder and honorary fellow of the International Society for Equitation Science. He also leads the VetCompass initiative that has brought together all of the Australian veterinary schools to provide national disease surveillance for companion animals and horses.

Debbie Matthews

Debbie Matthews set up Vets Get Scanning after her two microchipped pet dogs Widget and Gizmo were stolen. They were eventually returned thanks to a very high profile media campaign as Debbie's father is Sir Bruce Forsyth, but during her search, Debbie discovered that vets do not routinely scan any new dog that arrives at their surgery to see if it is missing or stolen and there is no legal obligation for any agency to scan dogs that come into their care.  Debbie said at the time: "If it wasn't for my father, I would still be searching for my dogs!" 

Debbie Matthews is a member of the Microchip Alliance which campaigned for compulsory microchipping but felt that responsible pet owners where being let down as compulsory scanning was not included in the new law which is due to come into force in April 2016:  You can't have compulsory microchipping without compulsory scanning! She recently helped form the Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance to campaign for changes in legislation to help reunite pets,  at the Associated Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW) meetings, of which she is also a member.  Debbie is a Trustee at National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT)


Craig MacLellan

Craig MacLellan is the founder of Veterans With Dogs.  MacLellan has always had dogs as part of his family and has also had the privilege of seeing and experiencing the profound effects of animal companionship in both therapeutic and recovery environments. His experiences led to the founding of Veterans With Dogs to address the needs of those ex-servicemen and women seeking guidance in recovery from mental health conditions they were afflicted with as a result of their military service. 

Canine support can make a significant difference to the recovery process when used in conjunction with other more traditional treatment.

MacLellan is an  advocate of positive, rewards based training, and is "delighted in the advances of scientific knowledge that have taken us forward to prove these methods as the only way to train our canine friends whilst improving the human-canine bond".

Karen Wild

Karen Wild Dip. App. Psych, CCAB, MBPsS has both a degree and a diploma in psychology from the University of Nottingham, England. She is a certificated clinical animal behaviourist and qualified dog training instructor who runs full-time behaviour practice Pawprint, near Peterborough, England, working with family pets. Wild also lectures on behaviour practice, practical training and consultation for Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England, and on the professional diploma for clinical animal behaviour at Central College for Animal Studies, England. Most recently she has specialised in behaviour and puppy work but her career has ranged from class teaching, obedience, flyball, agility and working trials competition to running a popular dog display team. 

Wild writes on dog behaviour and training for Dogs Today, Pet Product Marketing, PETS International, Dogs Monthly and Pet Focus and is also a guest blog writer for Dr. Ian Dunbar's website, Dog Star Daily. She has authored three books: What Your Dog Wants, 21 Days to the Perfect Dog, and Being a Dog. 

Wild is a strong advocate of positive reinforcement-based training methods for both pets and their people.

Kamal Fernandez

Head trainer and owner of East London Dog Training, T.V. Star, internationally renowned seminar instructor, faculty member of the Fenzi Dog Sport Academy, Fernandez has immersed himself in the world of animal training, led by some of the 'leading lights' in the field such as Sylvia Bishop, Susan Garrett, Bob Bailey, Ian Dunbar and Karen Pryor. Now an internationally renowned seminar instructor, Fernandez has been invited to teach all over the world in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Belgium and Germany.

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